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 You will find scientific articles about electromagnetic wave transformation, intensification and modification. These technologies and effects are entirely mathematically proven. You will know how to create the invisible hood by fully transparent media. The electromagnetic wave engine allows traveling in space vacuum using electromagnetic wave pressure intensified by four-six orders. The electromagnetic wave engine will be used not only in space but also in a regular car so it will not need wheels anymore. You can find out what 'forces' keep plasma in the sun in the Electromagnetic fields and sphero-parallel structures article.


 Abstract. Technical devices are usually immersed in the air as isoimpedance medium with the intrinsic impedance. This value is also observed in any point of the inhomogeneous isoimpedance magnetodielectric (IIMD) if the numerical equation for relative permittivity and permeability takes place. This paper is devoted to theoretical and practical results dealing with IIMD applications: 1) ultimate small antennas immersed in IIMD, 2) lossless reflectionless refractors («invisible hats»), 3) electromagnetic wave pressure engine ( for «flying plates» ). Read More...


 Impedance matched wave processes are optimal ones on many parameters. In this book, it is suggested to create with help of developed theory the special lossless isoimpedance media and structures providing the full-transparent regime. In particular, it allows to translate the thoughts about «invisible hat» from fairy-tales and fiction stories in an area of real solutions. It is possible to use the given results as for electromagnetic systems of different frequencies bands (including optical one) so for acoustical problems. This book is destined for scientists, post-graduate students, radio and electrical engineers. Read More...


 New possibilities of the electromagnetic wave pressure technical application are considered. Effect intensification by four - six orders takes place due to the isoimpedance magnetodielectrics utilization.Read More...


 The binary materials are characterized with the interrelated matter equations which determine the dielectric and magnetic properties simultaneously. In these media, the electromagnetic waves are described with the new Maxwell equations solutions for example, in the form of the circular T,E,H-waves in the inhomogeneous isoimpedance media. Medium inhomogeneity and impedance constancy together create the unique conditions for the wave refraction with minimal scattering on the magnetodielectric bodies. The binary materials and circular (globally plane, sphere) waves are proposed for applications in antenna engineering as the circuit components miniaturization, in electronic and plasma devices, etc. Read More...


 Abstract. Inhomogeneous isoimpedance media synthesis method is suggested with antenna radiation directivity increasing and wave beam action on these media is considered. Read More...


 Abstract. Inhomogeneous medium is isoimpedance one if the equality between ratio permittivity and permeability takes place. Electrodynamics and antenna applications of these materials are considered.
 Introduction. There are well known the use of dielectric rods, lens, dielectric coatings for wires in the antennas constructions. This paper is devoted to justification of the main principle - so wave device as antenna demands application of the wave material which is the inhomogeneous isoimpedance medium (IIIM). At first (p.1), the wave effects in the IIIM have been described. In p.2, the similarity and conservation theorems for immersed antennas are given. Part 3 deals with the IIIM fabrication methods. Part 4 is devoted to the results review and further perspectives. Read More...

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Arkadi Knyaz


 Arkadi Ivanovich Knyaz - Professor, Doctor of Science in Technical Sciences.
 A.Knyaz was born in 1941 year. In 1963, A.Knyaz graduated from Odessa electrotechnical institute of telecommunication. The Ph.D. thesis "Electromagnetic fields and sphero-parallel structures" he defended in 1970. In 1977, A. Knyaz defended the "Electromagnetic fields research via bi-coordinate potential method". A.Knyaz's scientific interests were the information systems electrodynamics, the electromagnetic compatibility of radio facilities and the vector-antenna equipment. He was the chief of "Information systems Electrodynamics" department in Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications.
Arkadi Knyaz passed away on November 21, 1997.


We are a nonprofit foundation for the popularization of scientific achievement of Arkadi Knyaz. In articles have been shown the first possibilities of creation invisible bodies (transparent lossless reflectionless coatings "invisible hats"), small antennas, electromagnetic wave pressure engines ("flying plates"). New publications will appear as soon as converted to electronic format.


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